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Click here to download the TextBuster Owner's Manual

TextBuster Features

Vehicle Installation

The TextBuster device is hidden under the vehicles dash and installs in minutes. The TextBuster is always working every time the driver enters the vehicle.

Security Features

The phone application downloads in seconds to the user(s) cell phone. The application is password protected preventing unwanted removal.

Monitor Feature

The TextBuster server monitors the drivers activities and will notify the parent, guardian or fleet manager if the application is tampered with or disabled.

Tracking Feature

The server provides tracking information. The account manager can view history of trips and set alert notifications by email when there are pre-set violations.


According to the AAA, texting while driving is now officially the most dangerous distraction drivers face on the road. TextBuster was designed to prevent vehicle accidents while also safeguarding your loved ones, employees and everyone that operates a motorized vehicle!

Designed to eliminate distractions while driving, the TextBuster sends a blocking signal via Bluetooth® to the user's phone. This is done automatically every time the vehicle is powered on. The TextBuster will not interfere with any other hands-free or Bluetooth® items in the vehicle.

The TextBuster is a patented device that will disable the data functions to the driver's phone only while the vehicle is running and the Bluetooth® control module is powered on. TextBuster prevents the driver from accessing all text, email or internet functions while driving their vehicle. TextBuster does not block incoming or outgoing phone calls or navigation features.

TextBuster Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Bluetooth on the phone need to be on for the TextBuster to work.

A. Yes, the Bluetooth must be on for the TextBuster application to work.

Q. What happens if the TextBuster user turns off the Bluetooth prior to entering the vehicle?

A. If the user turns off Bluetooth, the phone will lock and say "turn on Bluetooth", the backend of the server will also be informed about the state of Bluetooth on the device.

Q. What happens if the TextBuster user turns off or deletes the application?

A. The server will be informed immediately which will send an email message to the parent, guardian or fleet manager.

Q. What if the user reboots the phone while driving?

A. The screen will automatically display the locked screen upon restart.

Q. When switching from one TB module to another will the user need to pair the application each time?

A. No, the user has to pair once with each TextBuster module, after that the TextBuster is known to the phone.

Q. Will the TextBuster application interfere with other hands free Bluetooth devices?

A. No, the TextBuster will not interrupt or disconnect any other Bluetooth or hands free devices.

Q. Can I still make phone calls when the TextBuster application is working?

A. Yes you can make and receive calls while the TextBuster application is on. You can also use the phones GPS navigation if needed.

Q. What happens when the TextBuster phone is sent an email or text message while driving with the TextBuster?

A. The phone will still receive all the messages but cannot be viewed until the vehicle is shut off.

Q. How many phones will work with each TextBuster module?

A. You can have (5) phones synced to each TextBuster module. If more than (5) phones sync to the module, the application will still work but may take a few minutes to lock. Each TextBuster module stores the number of phones it syncs with.

Q. How many TextBuster modules will work with each phone?

A. Your phone can work with an unlimited number of TextBuster modules.

Q. What if I getting a pairing request for a pin number from the phone?

A. You do not need to enter a pin code number. The TextBuster will pair up automatically after the initial screen set up. If you ever receive a paring request from the phone(s) operating system, simply hit “cancel”.

Q. When I turn off or exit the vehicle how long should it take before the data functions on the phone are operational again?

A. Approximately 30 to 60 seconds after turning off the vehicle.

Q. Will the TextBuster module work with all vehicles?

A. The TextBuster will work with almost every vehicle manufactured.

TextBuster Text Blocking System - Put An End To Distracted Driving

$199.99 INSTALLED*

Includes Professional Installation at your home or workplace in All of NJ & S.I., NY Only.

NY, PA, CT - $50 to $100 Travel Surcharge.  

Call 732-360-SAFE for details.

* Most Makes and Models

For Android Smart Phones Only - Will not work with iPhone